Upcycled Candle

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Canal Candle – Upcycled Candle

What do you do with those small pieces of candle you have leftover after burning? You give them to us so we can make Upcycled Candles! Churches, locals and thrift shops donate their leftover candles for us too recycle. We then mix these leftovers to make complete new candles like the Canal Candle. Because we believe in social impact all the candles are made in two social workshops. These workshops are places where people with a disadvantage to the workforce can reintegrate into society. So by purchasing this candle you don’t only support a circular society but also social impact by helping people.

NOTE: Because we make our candles from recycled leftovers you can’t choose the color. It will be a surprise what you’ll get but we always make a Nice set! 😉

If you’re interested in learning more about where the Canal Candle – Upcycled Candle is made checkout the social workshops yourself!

  1. Stichting Stuns: https://www.stichtingstunt.nl
  2. Werkdag: https://www.werkdagbv.nl

Materials in The upcycle Belt – Pants up classic

At The upcycle we believe in honesty so that why we add to all our product a list of what it is made of, even though we try to upcycle/recycle as much as we can sometimes we need to buy new materials to make the upcycle products viable for sale. But we’re always looking for new ways to improve our products and if you have a good idea reach out through our contact form!

The materials used for this Upcycle product are:

  1. Candle wax (Upcycled from used candles)
  2. Wick (New)

The Upcycle Store

You can also visit our store in the city centre of Amsterdam, Sint Annendwarsstraat 13. A store filled with alle The upcycle products you’ve found online and many more! Because some upcycled products are so diverse of nature (every piece is unique) it’s hard to sell them online. In our store you can go NUTS in buying recycled gifts or just to be inspired how.

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Want to learn more about Upcycling? Check out our upcycle workshops here:

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Solid, Multi Color


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