For the millennials and everyone who gives a shit

If you can imagine it, it can be done. We exist to create things of enduring value. We are driven by big dreams, yet understand the power of starting small.

Local. Together. Always aiming for social impact in the process. Some call us artists, dreamers or creators. We prefer to be seen as makers. Optimistic. Cheeky. Colourful. And in love with the endless opportunity that resides in creativity.

Our source of inspiration? Waste… Yup. Discarded stuff. Useless materials the world gave up on. Where others see waste, we see food for creativity. An ocean of opportunities.

By transforming used materials into functional design products, we help and stimulate people to look different at the resources around us, while contributing to a circular society together.

The ultimate goal? Make waste extinct. After all, it is nothing else than material in the wrong place.