THE UPCYCLE aims to reuse 100% of the bicycle wastestream in the Netherlands. We are convinced that we can redevelop manufacturing industry in the Netherlands, because we cannot build our society on knowledge only. We are very happy with our partners who believe in the same thing. Together with social organisations we show the value of reuse and new production techniques.

Stichting Stunt was founded in 2006, this organisation focusses on the supporting youngsters and adults with a large distance tot he labour market to find a job. They believe dependency is on the worst things that can happen to people, that’s why they help people to get self sufficient as soon as possible.

THE UPCYCLE strives to create a world where the value of materials is understood by everybody. Every product around us is established by putting energy and money in it. Unfortunately there is no single product that lasts forever, but by reusing materials efficiently we can maintain its value over and over. We see every material (including waste, which is nothing else than material on the wrong place) as a recource for nature or technique, by incorperating this in our designs we are contributing to the transition to a circular society.

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