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Recycled Notebook – Write Up

I’m a recycled Notebook and I used to be a Plastic bag. Do you also feel a little guilty when you forgot your own plastic shopping bag while doing your groceries? Well we did too and decided to tear open that closet with a 100 plastic bags and see what we could make that would be useful. How you ask? Wel by pressing them together and turning them into these recycled notebooks! And of course we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t make sure you could reuse them. You can refill the paper with all standard A6 paper from your local office supplies shop. Do make sure you use recycled paper of course ;D!

For this recycled notebook we made three variations:
1. Basic: Made of the white plastic bags we get from big companies who sometimes have only a small logo. We add a little color and BAM! a simple, functional notebook made from recycled plastic bags.
2. Heineken: On kings-day 2019 we walked with our Heineken through the streets of Amsterdam and realized how many sixpack packaging got thrown away. Instead of complaining we started mining our materials on the streets. Collecting all the Heineken sixpack packaging in bags and turning them into this awesome local made notebooks.
3. Albert Heijn: This one is made from maybe the most used plastic bag in the Netherlands, the Albert Heijn shopping bag. You probably have one to and now you can us one as a notebook!
4. Jumbo: Yeah, well same story as Albert Heijn but than yellow ;P

FUN FACT! These Recycle notebooks are created at Stichting Stunt in Delft (, this is a social workshop that gives people with a disadvantage to the workforce an opportunity to reintegrate into society. So by buying the notebook you don’t only have a sustainable product but also support this foundation!

After reading this ready to give yourself a recycled present or give this sustainable gift to a friend? Then feel welcome to be part of The upcycle Community by purchasing the Write Up – Recycled Notebook!

Materials in the Recycled Notebook – Write Up

At The upcycle we believe in honesty so that why we add to all our product a list of what it is made of, even though we try to upcycle/recycle as much as we can sometimes we need to buy new materials to make the upcycle products viable for sale. But we’re always looking for new ways to improve our products and if you have a good idea reach out trough our contact form!

The materials used for this Upcycle product are:

  1. Plastic Bags (Upcycled from different sources)
  2. Bike tire strap (Upcycled from bike tubes)
  3. Paper (Upcycled from used envelopes)
  4. Paper holding ring (New)
  5. Button (New)

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Basic, Heineken, Albert Heijn, Jumbo


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